About Us

With over 35 years in the Note Buying industry, Robert Doremus has earned the reputation of an astute Note Buyer with Integrity. 

Robert graduated from Washington State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with special emphasis in Real Estate. For eight years he was employed as a Contract Officer for the largest single purchaser of Real Estate Contracts in the United States. 

Responsible for acquiring and transferring Contracts and Notes into the company’s portfolio, Robert developed the expertise and knowledge needed to found SOUND INVESTMENTS in 1991. He and his staff have a thorough knowledge of locating and evaluating Contracts and Notes; a sound understanding of the documentation and transfer process; and a proven, successful track record.

Personal: Bob and his wife, Shannon, make their home in Gig Harbor, Washington. They have three incredible children. Bob and Shannon’s greatest investment they ever made is in their eternal home, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which they each made in 1988. Click here for more. 

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Doremus Sound Investments, LLC

PO Box 2661, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

(253) 851-8780